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Genesis + HOCL is a family-owned company that grew from a need for a more effective and natural method of ridding both air and surfaces of pathogens and allergens.  When a holistically-minded dentist saw HOCl atomizing being used very effectively in Japan, she asked us to source the technology for her.  That was the genesis of Genesis + HOCL.  The Genesis 2.6 has revolutionized disinfection for medical offices, animal care facilities, fitness centers, restaurants, churches, and schools, providing a quick, thorough, and safe method of disinfection.

Our customers loved the Genesis 2.6 so much, many of them requested a “set it and forget it” option for smaller spaces.  We’re happy to answer that demand with the Genesis UX4 Stationary Atomizer, bringing this innovative technology to your home.

The name Genesis was chosen to reflect the Biblical story in Genesis chapter 2, verse 6 “…and a mist was going up from the land,” HOCl atomizing restores air to its optimal condition, as it was “In the Beginning.”

~ Daryl & Ruth Bernard

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The Genesis 2.6 is a powerful and portable tool you use as often as you choose.  It is especially appropriate for larger spaces and high traffic areas. Visit our YouTube channel to see the Genesis 2.6 in action and the ease of operation. A dial controls the solution volume and air velocity, allowing you to customize it for your particular setting. This portable machine is kept moving, allowing the HOCl dry mist to work its magic in the air and, as it settles, disinfecting surfaces, too. For more intensive, intermittent treatment of highly contaminated areas, the Genesis 2.6 is often the preferred option. It is also best for quickly and effortlessly disinfecting large spaces.

The Genesis UX4 is our “set it and forget it” stationary model and is a great option for continuous control of odors and airborne mold in smaller spaces. Its interval and timer modes, as well as volume/solution controls offer you a wide variety of combinations that provide ultimate flexibility so you can continually treat the air and surfaces according to your individual needs. The UX4 is typically the best choice for homes and offices.

For some situations, especially commercial settings, our customers may choose both units. The Genesis 2.6 for intensive, portable hands-on treatment of large spaces or for thorough disinfection of an area after occupancy, and the UX4 set to run at a “maintenance” mode to control airborne pathogens continuously.

Thank you for your interest in Genesis + HOCL.  We hope this helps, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

HOCl has a nearly neutral pH, making it 100x more effective than chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach (NaOCl) has a very high pH of 11-13 and is extremely corrosive.

HOCl is naturally-based, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and safe to use around children, pets, and plants.  Chlorine bleach has none of these qualities. HOCl is safely used as a disinfectant in various industries, including healthcare, food processing, and water treatment. It is also used in wound care and as a cleaning agent.

We all have the element Cl (chlorine) in our white blood cells, but we do not have chlorine bleach in our bodies.

New evidence suggests that breathing in micro aerosolized hypochlorous (HOCl) can be helpful in preventing and treating respiratory virus infections, including COVID. Hypochlorous is also effective at inactivating the poliovirus, which is known to be challenging to inactivate and is often used as a standard for testing antiviral properties.

To read the full report, click here.

Dilute HOCl solution 2:1 (2 part water to 1 part HOCl). Distilled water is highly recommended to avoid residue and build-up.

Rinse after each use by atomizing with distilled water for 10 seconds to completely flush unit.

First switch the red (air-flow) dial to the low setting, then slowly turn the blue (solution control) dial for the proper amount of HOCl solution.

Use at least 8-10 feet from surfaces (you can atomize  from more than 30 feet away). Proper atomizing produces a very fine (20-50 microns, much finer than a human hair) mist and does not overly wet surfaces.

Surfaces should feel dry to the touch almost immediately after being treated, depending on environmental humidity. There should never be soaking or puddling of solution on surfaces.

Once HOCl atomizing is complete, shut off the blue dial first to stop the flow of solution. Allow the unit to run until solution no longer emerges. Then pivot the nozzle upward to avoid dripping.

Shut off the red air-flow dial.

Rinsing at the end of daily use with a small amount of distilled water to remove any residual HOCl from atomizer is recommended (rinse with distilled water for 15 seconds).

Never overfill tank – always leave 1” of space, visible through side window on top for air to mix with solution properly.

Always store unit upright, with nozzle also in the upright position.

In the Beginning, we breathed clean air.

With Genesis, you still can.

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