Genesis 2.6 HOCl Atomizer – Powerful and Portable

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Best in Class – With 1400 watts of power, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more powerful atomizer anywhere, putting ceilings up to 30′ high within easy reach.  This powerful output, combined with an extra-long heavy duty power cord, provides superior range. Separate volume, air, and solution controls allow you to dial back the output for applications in smaller spaces.  The  Genesis 2.6 HOCl Atomizer’s rotating nozzle and comfortable shoulder strap provide optimal ergonomics. These unique features make eliminating pathogens in both the air and on surfaces in even the largest areas easy, quick, and cost-effective.



Dilute 2:1 or 3:1 for use in Genesis 2.6 Atomizer (2-3 parts water to 1 part HOCl*)

Dual Voltage – (110v and 220v)
1400 Watt Motor
Dimensions – 25.75″ x 8″ x 12.25″
Capacity – 4L/1.06 gal.
Droplet Size – 20-50 micron
Weight – 9.5 lb.
Cord Length – 19.5 ft.





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13 lbs


23" × 10" × 14"

2 reviews for Genesis 2.6 HOCl Atomizer – Powerful and Portable

  1. DeeDee (verified owner)

    As someone who has a degree in chemistry who seeks to limit our exposure to toxins and pays close attention to the chemicals my family & I are exposed to, I was excited to hear about this product on Dr. Peter McCullough’s weekly podcast, The McCullough Report, and decided to buy one. From the beginning of the pandemic, I was greatly concerned about the toxic disinfectants that I observed being used in many businesses I frequented and started researching for the least toxic treatments, and found HOCl was the most effective and safe for use, even if it enters the eyes. It’s an ideal sanitizer and disinfectant proven to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi that’s non-toxic, safe, relatively cheap, non-corrosive, environmentally-friendly, and powerful. The atomizer is a great way to do a thorough HOCl treatment in a home or business. Some extended family members had been dealing with a mildew smell in their home that they were unable to get rid of or even find the source of, so over the holidays when we went to visit them, I took my new Genesis 2.6 and HOCl solution with me and disinfected their entire home one time while we were there. The smell disappeared and still hasn’t come back even after a few months, so they were thrilled by how effective this treatment was, and especially glad to hear it was non-toxic and safe. I like this specific product because you can point the nozzle into ducts and the home air intake to easily and thoroughly disinfect and clean even your ductwork. Plus, I feel more safe and secure having this HOCl atomizer to help us deal with any pathogen or new disease outbreak that we may encounter in the future. Highly recommend!

  2. Kent

    In June 2022, my wife and I decided to purchase the Genesis 2.6 Atomizer to use in our home as part of our defense against COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. My mother-in-law lives with us and is not doing well. We have caregivers come in several times a week, which in June 2022 and through the summer, there still was a lot of COVID going around. With caregivers coming in often during the week and not knowing if they were contagious or who they had recently been working with, we needed a way to reduce the risk. So, after hearing about the Genesis Atomizer and researching it, we ordered one and began using it immediately. It was great to be able to go through the house with the unit and spray the rooms with it. In the room where mom was most of the time and her bathroom, I sprayed a bit longer, figuring this is where the greatest risk was. Though, being able to spray the whole house quickly was great too! I too, highly recommend getting the Genesis 2.6 Atomizer! I believe it will be very useful for many years to come in reducing the risk of a respiratory virus.

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